Behind The Scenes In A Theatrical Production

Any good stage production will make you forget that you’re watching a bunch of people on stage, acting a story, and make you feel as though you’re part of that world. That is the magic of theatre production. More often than not, an audience falls in love with the cast, and maybe the director, forgetting utterly the vast number of people behind the scenes who help make a play come to life. Here are some of those people whose dedication and hard work are half the reason for a show to be so successful:

Stage Design and Production

Sets are an important part of any stage play as there are no visual or digital effects thatcan be latered over the final product. It is the job of the stage production team to design a layout that both fits the play and director’s vision, and is easy for the cast to work with. Proper set design takes years of practice, and can be lucrative avenues of work if the stakes are high enough. For instance the cirque du soleil theatre company commandeers the biggest, most extravagant stage productions in the world for their over- the- top performances.

Costume Design

Costume plays a huge part in helping the cast get into character and it’s the costume designer’s job to find the right kind of costumers for a production. Or design them. For instance, two theatre companies could be playing the same Shakespeare tragedy, but the costumes could be period or modern, making a huge difference in how it is received by an audience. Costume design can take a long time as it involves discussions with the director as well as fittings and adjustments with the cast. The most talented costume designers are able to fool an audience with just one costume change.

Hair and Makeup

Hairdresser in Williamstown and makeup artists are an integral part of the costuming team as they apply the finishing touches to a character. However, they also have the most difficult job as they have to transform the cast into the characters they are playing.

Professional wedding hairdressers in Yarraville and stylists know how to work with little to no hair and use wigs, extensions etc. to create any look they desire, while makeup artists do the same with makeup and prosthetics. Stage makeup and hair styling is also completely different from normal makeup and hair work as everything must be exaggerated on the stage in order for even the last row of seats in the theatre to see the actors and actresses.

Crew, Music, and Lighting

These are the unsung heroes of a production while the show is going on. They move props in place, prompt cast members when they forget their lines, manipulate sounds and lighting to give actors their cue and create a different world on stage for the audience. Crew members are meant to melt into the background, hence the tradition of wearing black clothing. They have split- second timing to enable a production to move smoothly forward, and must be as conversant with the play as the cast is in order to fix anything that goes wrong in the middle.