Monthly Archive: June 2016

How Technology Transformed The Beauty Industry

Everyone who owns a smart phone has made a purchase off their phone or at the very least attempted to do so. What makes online shopping an addiction is the hassle free method of choosing what you want in peace, looking at the sizes and colours available without having to annoy the sales assistant and being able to have the item delivered to your doorstep. This is a monumentally different way of shopping compared to a decade back.

Finding the Perfect Fit

This is possibly the only inconvenient thing about online shopping. There is that possibility that even though you find an outfit that fits the measurements of your body, that you might feel that a size smaller or larger would be more of an ideal fit. Or you might not have a size that corresponds to the height and width of your body. Many online stores have come up with simple solutions that allow you to try on a dress and return it on or before a particular date prior to making a purchase. While this is not ideal this method has been praised by many clients.

Trying it On Yourself

Technology has developed to such an extent that it is possible to create an avatar of you. An avatar is a realistic animated image of you that could be accessed on your phone or through an application which you could style, allowing you to gage what you would like in a particular outfit. This technology is being used by stores that offer makeup online Australia which helps the customer to pick the exact shade of the cosmetics they want.

Quick and Efficient

Say you have an important business event tomorrow and although you have the ideal outfit picked out, you did not you have the time to purchase the cosmetics that would match the outfit. At such instances many people turn to e-shopping to make a quick and fast purchase. All you need to do is sort through the sites that sell and ship makeup online till you find exactly what you wanted, and have it posted to your house in a few minutes.

Being Part of a Culture

The internet is full of similar minded people with similar interests. And there is a very predominant group of makeup addicts and followers on the internet. Now more than ever there has been an increase in the number of beauty and clothing events worldwide due to contributions made by people who have a passion for makeup and are in contact with models, designers and makeup artists throughout the world. This has led to an increase in the attention placed on the beauty industry and the culture and lifestyle associated with it.