Three Things

Three things that have made my week kinda speech are…


- Lots of walks in the sunshine with my massive pram and my two munchkins -

– Lots of walks in the sunshine with my massive pram and my two munchkins (even though Evie looks cranky there) -


- Getting back into my sewing again and starting up my little hobby/business Eden Baby Drib Bibs: -

– Getting back into sewing again and starting up my little hobby/business Eden Baby Drib Bibs: -


– Being pool side (post-dip) in this crazy heat wave -

What are your three great things this week?

Name for SewBakeLove

Beautiful Dresses

I am just wishing I had some spending cash right now to buy myself a new beautiful summer dress, but alas, I am an unpaid full-time working mum and cannot afford such luxuries. Instead, I will look online and blog about them…


- Forever New Liana Printed Dress in Floral Print $129.99 -

– Forever New Liana Printed Dress in Floral Print $129.99 -


- Target Scarf print Shift Dress $49 -

– Target Scarf Print Shift Dress $49 -


- Katies Monotone Tunic Dress $49.95 -

– Katies Monotone Tunic Dress $49.95 -


- Cue Paint Box Print Dress $199 -

– Cue Paint Box Print Dress $199 -


- Country Road Print Shift Dress $149 -

– Country Road Print Shift Dress $149 -

Am I dreaming?

Anyone else like to dream?

Anyone else like these dresses too?

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Fruity Icy Poles

I’d like to begin by thanking my cousin, Rachel, for inspiring me to make these icy poles – you are the best!


Little Miss LOVES icy poles – she would eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner and all snacks in between, if I’d so let her! And believe, me, some days I feel like just letting her to stop the whining! But I don’t.

I swear.

I don’t.

I had some cute icy pole sets in my cupboard, so I pulled them out, along with some ingredients and my mini hand blender and just made up a few. WIth the searing hot week ahead of us, I wanted to be prepared and ready for Little Miss’s constant request for icy poles. I also wanted to avoid the shop-bought, high-sugar icy poles.



The combinations were as follows:

Combo 1: Coconut milk & banana

Combo 2: Coconut milk & strawberries

Combo 3: Coconut milk & blueberries

Combo 4: Peaches & natural yoghurt

Combo 5: Strawberries & natural yoghurt

Combo 6: Peaches & Strawberries

Combo 6: Peaches (This one is Evie’s favourite!)


So they’ve been a hit and I don’t feel bad about her eating her body weight in icy poles on a daily basis now…or as a breakfast replacement…..or as a dessert.

Has anyone tried home-made fruity icy poles? Have they been a success? Or an epic fail? Would love to hear from y’all.

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Front Door….or Back Fence?

I have three lots of neighbours…most people have two….I have three. One on the left; a lovely family with primary-school-aged children, one on the right, a family with older children and one at the back – an older couple (who has their grown son also living with them).


The elderly lady over the back often has gifts for my children – cute teddy bears and dollies for Little Miss and toys for Little Mr. This is very thoughtful and I am truly grateful.


There is one problem though…instead of coming to the front door, and knocking to pass on these gifts, she simply pops her head over the back fence and beckons us over to ‘greet’ her and accept her gifts. I find this absolutely and totally down right bloody rude. Yes, you read it correctly, I am so annoyed that each time she does it, I swear I will say something next time, but the next time comes around, she has lovely gifts and I don’t say anything. And it goes on. One time I was even mid-treadmill run and she could see me bobbing up and down as I huffed and puffed (precious time as baby slept) and she just looked at me and continued to beckon.DSC_0184

So, what do we all think? Am I being an ingrate? Should I stop being so precious and shut my mouth? Or am I justified in my annoyance? Is there anyone else out there who is with me on this?

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Buckwheat Pancakes

I’ve been loving the healthy chef recipes again – love her website and her cook book!


Last weekend I felt like pancakes for breakfast, but not the guilt that usually accompanies them for the entire day that follows devouring them. I had heard many ace things about buckwheat pancakes, and my couple of attempts at buckwheat wraps was such a hit, that I went ahead with her recipe for the buckwheat pancakes.

And. BOY. was. I. pleased. with. myself! (and the healthy chef of course!)


DSC_0726DSC_0727DSC_0731 DSC_0732 DSC_0736

I made a couple of small changes – I added an egg to bind them. I think Teresa Cutter likes to keep many of her recipe Vegan, hence the lack of egg. But I felt they needed some serious glue as the first three literally fell apart. I also sprinkled them with some cinnamon because I just love cinnamon!

Now, Husband and I both looked at these and thought they would be really dry, but in actual fact that weren’t. They were light and fluffy and tasted really yummy! And best of all, they didn’t leave us with a really heavy feeling after eating them, as normal gluten-filled pancakes do! Win and win! I also love the addition of the sunflower and pumpkin seeds – a little sift crunch with each bite. I’m such a textural eater!

Who’s cooking with buckers these days?

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The 52 Project: Week 1 & 2

I am taking part in the 52 project again this year. I did complete it last year, but just in my own space and time. This year I will publish my weekly portraits of my two bubbas. It will become a memory for them, as well as me.

The blog writer, Jodi, from Practising Simplicity, who came up with this concept takes the. most. beautiful. photos. ever.

I can only dream of my portraits being so beautiful.

I hope I can get there one day.

So, here goes…weeks 1 & 2 up first.

- 1/52 Evie -

– 1/52 Evie -

- 1/52 Archer -

– 1/52 Archer -

- 2/52 Evie -

– 2/52 Evie -

- 2/52 Archer -

– 2/52 Archer -

Is anyone else taking part in #the52project ? It’s such a great way to keep memories.

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Fashion Friday: Denim Jacket

Is the denim jacket a timeless fashion piece?

Personally….I love them and think they always look flattering on people.

And I don’t mean double denim….I mean a denim jacket paired with a non-denim bottom.


- Sussan Lady Denim Jacket $99.95 -

– Sussan Lady Denim Jacket $99.95 -


- Esprit Denim Jacket $99.95 -

– Esprit Denim Jacket $99.95 -


- ASOS Vero Moda Denim Jacket $53.33 -

– ASOS Vero Moda Denim Jacket $53.33 -


- Ezibuy Heine Denim Jacket $99.99 -

– Ezibuy Heine Denim Jacket $99.99 -


- Cotton On Devon Denim Jacket $49.95 -

– Cotton On Devon Denim Jacket $49.95 -

So, what do you think? Do you own a denim jacket? Are they a timeless piece?

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